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14:23 UK time, Monday, 10 August 2009

This story about the latest research on the use of flu drugs in children, allegedly published in the British Medical Journal, would have been more convincing if there actually had been any research published recently on that topic in the BMJ. But a quick glance at the BMJ website suggests otherwise. Did they really think we wouldn't check?
Adam, London, UK

Re. the Olympic pools debate (Letters, Friday) The UK may have over 20 50m pools but this doesn't necessarily mean that they are Olympic pools. In order to qualify they need to be at least 2m deep throughout and 25m wide. This results in only four or five of the 50m pools in the UK actually being Olympic pools. Obviously the width and depth of the pool probably make very little difference for training purposes.
Sara, Birmingham

How about renaming the Weekly Bonus Question to "How quickly can you enter the answer into the search window and press enter"?
Philly, Wolfsburg

Am I the only reader of this story thinking that you could not find a picture of Dario, but only his brother who is also an Indycar star?
Ralph, Cumbria

Can we have a new category for "Headlines which are not contained in the story".
For example, "Plans to curb who lives next door to you come under attack" [Monday front page] relates to a story on limiting multiple occupancy, nothing to do with the trailer!
Mark Esdale, Bridge

The winning entry in the Caption Comp is flawed to its very core. Tinky Winky was the purple one. If you're going to make cultural references, at least get them right, Monitorites!
Lizzie, Poole

10 things number 2 - are you having a laugh?
Ed, Clacton, UK

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