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Your Letters

15:57 UK time, Tuesday, 4 August 2009

If ever a story needed a picture to go with it.
Stuart, Lancashire

What kind of PR company makes itself "unavailable for comment"?
David Bull, Redhill, Surrey

This headline promised so much, I was convinced it would be about Transformers or Eva's rampaging through the streets. I probably shouldn't be so disappointed about that.
AK, Ipswich

Call for debate on killer robots? Well personally I've always preferred Cybermen over the Daleks, but perhaps someone would like to argue in favor of the Daleks or indeed any other killer robots that come to mind.
Emmy, Sudbury, Suffolk

Johnny Clegg may have been born in the UK, but he left at a very young age and was brought up in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). I claim him as a Zimbabwean. Please alter your article headline to read "Nine famous Britons you've probably never heard of ".
Richard, London (ex Harare)

I wonder if Adam from London (Monday's letters) actually read the article? Of course there are famous people you've never heard of. There's a whole world outside Britain.
James Ellison, Wakefield, UK

A friend of mine, when asked by the careers adviser about his plans for the future, replied that he wanted to become a careers adviser. He was unceremoniously ejected from the office and punished for his "glib" remark...
Aimee, Thurso, Scotland

To Justie, Monday's letters, as a member of the Naval Reserves it is a requirement to be able to swim in full gear (tests are usually carried out with the recruit wearing a boiler suit). The hardest part of the test is having to pull yourself out over an edge at least 50cm above the water in wet clothes at the end.

Joseph, London

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