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13:24 UK time, Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

So the Ashes hangover coverage continues, with souvenir supplements galore with the Guardian, Independent, Times and Telegraph all getting in on the act.

Andrew Flintoff in 2005 and 2009This use of the word "hangover" is not of course to imply that Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has had an actual hangover. After the now infamous post-Ashes 2005 shots of him looking particularly bleary-eyed, he made sure to appear fresh-faced this time round on the morning after.

The Times reports on the cash machines in London that are dispensing money with a cockney edge, offering customers "some moolah for ya sky rocket", "balance on the Charlie Sheen", a "Huckleberry Finn change" and "sausage and mash with receipt". Charlie Sheen and Huckleberry Finn - are these official Cockney rhyming terms? And no, despite checking the calendar, it is not 1 April.

There's potential for confusion in some of the papers as the Daily Mail and Telegraph - and not the Independent - carry full-page photos of a 24ft white shark leaping out of the water off the coast of South Africa.

Meanwhile the Independent's front page features a tutu-wearing blonde ballerina, which would surely be more at home on the Telegraph's pages.

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