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12:41 UK time, Wednesday, 12 August 2009

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Forget Mandy's blue loafers, that's yesterday's news. Now it's a pair of blue shorts causing excitement in the newsroom of one paper - and what's up them.

It seems where Peter Mandelson leads, Tony Blair follows. In the Daily Mail is a picture of the former prime minister and his family on holiday in Bali. The shorts in question belong to him, but what could be up one of his trouser legs?

To deal with the situation Blair "placed a hand on the female's head ready - as so often during his years at Number Ten - to wriggle out of a tricky situation". But before you start getting jumping to conclusions remember this is a FAMILY holiday. The female in question is Jegeg, a baby elephant, and it's her trunk that's rummaging around.

Random incident of the week goes to the Louvre art gallery in Paris. According to the Sun, a woman hurled a hot cup of tea at the legendary Mona Lisa painting because "culture drives her mad".

The painting escaped unscathed and a museum spokesman said: "It would take more than a well aimed cup of tea to damage it." The nationality of the woman? Russian. No self-respecting Brit would waste a good brew on such a thing.

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