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13:02 UK time, Tuesday, 11 August 2009

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It's day two of Mandy-mania, but already the tone of yesterday's largely reverential coverage is starting to turn. Why such fickleness? What has the business secretary done to irk the scribes of the national press.

In a word, loafers.

In one of those inexplicable examples of Fleet Street group think, Mr Mandelson's unremarkable footwear seems to have prompted collective gasps of astonishment.

The Times and the Daily Telegraph draw particular attention to the articles in question - with close up photos of the shoes, pictured as Mr Mandelson steps off his return flight from Corfu.

The Daily Mail identifies them as blue in colour, but before you go getting the wrong idea, we're not talking Carl Perkins-style electric blue. In the Mail's picture they look more grey than blue.

But that doesn't deter the Daily Mirror from slipping in a Presley pun - like so: "The Business Secretary is usually 'one for the money'."

The "Left-wing" [© Daily Mail] Guardian, though, is a little behind the pace - deconstructing Mr Mandelson's holiday outfit of sandals, wide-legged white trousers and a T-shirt of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

"Is he saying he can be in multiple positions at once?" asks fashion reporter Hadley Freeman.

Away from Mandelson, the Daily Mirror has a nice Michael Jackson follow up, with reporter Ryan Parry tracking down and trying out Jacko's "oxygen chamber".

But Parry fails to stay the course. "The treatment usually lasts up to two hours and is said to leave patients euphoric and energetic although I baled out after five minutes."

Such are the demands of deadlines.

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