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15:17 UK time, Monday, 27 July 2009

If we are to have a national memorial service in memory of the the Great War veterans, then surely it should be truly national with all major cites taking a feed on to big screens in open areas. Even those of us who are not religious or are anti-war would like to pay our respects to all of the brave people from that generation.
Nigel, Salford

Suz, Jamie, Lauren (Baptism vs Christening - Letters, Friday) - you're all wrong! See here - two words with the same meaning, but one perhaps used more colloquially than the other. Which makes me smile when I see stories like this: I rather like the idea of a ship being made one with Christ.
Aqua Suliser, Bath

Christening anciently means anointing the child with chrism, blessed oil, which is done after the baptism to show that the child is now a Christian - marked with the sign of the cross on the forehead. Over time, the term came to be used as a synonym for baptism, especially among the unchurched. Nowadays, church folk always use the term baptism for the rite as that is the correct term, but I, for one, would never correct someone who used christening as a synonym - that's just being pedantically rude - we all know what is meant.
Susan Thomas, Brisbane, Australia

I'm pleased to see that "Fertility donor pay debate call" is an all-noun headline that really is all-noun, without any cheating. Although if you were going to be completely pedantic, you might argue that "fertility" is used adjectivally in the noun phrase "fertility donor", and similarly for "pay" in "pay debate", and indeed that the compound nouns "fertility donor" and "pay debate" themselves adjectivally modify "call". So isn't it lucky that no-one here would ever be completely pedantic.
Adam, London, UK

"That's gravity for you!"
Paul Greggor, London

Was Keith from Guildford (Letters, Friday) addressing Magazine Monitor? Is the truth about the monitor finally out?
Laurence, London

Re: the "10 things" picture of 10 yachts. I've got a horrible feeling it may actually be 9 yachts and one dinghy. Never mind - worse things happen at sea.
John Bratby, Southampton

Aaron from Reading (Letters, Friday) - you can have your geek points when you learn to spell 'its' properly.
Aimee, St. Andrews, Scotland

This kind of heartwarming tale (or tail) seems to be something of a silly season favourite
Wilkins, London

The first real maize maze may date from 1993, but there is a fictional one in the BBC micro adventure game "Kingdom of Hamil", published by Acornsoft in 1983. So the BBC got there first!
Hamish McGlobbie, Leeds, UK

To the Rt. Hon. Lady Monitor of Shepherd's Bush. VSOP, BBC, GCSE. You and your husband are cordially invited to a 'lads only' drinking and poker evening at the stag next Monday night. RSVP
Colonel Cholomdeley-Smyth Esq., Newcastle, UK

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