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15:05 UK time, Friday, 24 July 2009

Toucans are by no means alone in having enormous bills to keep cool. You should see what my electricity company sends me after the air conditioner's been on for a while.
Adam, London, UK

Whilst Andrew Flintoff may choose whether to be addressed as Mr or Esq, it is completely irrelevant when addressing an invitation (How to address the great and the good). As any reader of Debrett's should know, one addresses invitations to a married couple to the wife alone, with both names appearing on the card inside.
John Oxley, Cambridge, UK

Why, on the NHS handwash poster, is the water different for 'wet' than it is for 'rinse'? Are we supposed to use a different tap for each stage?
Basil Long, Nottingham

I have no idea what the question is if the answer is THE SIZE OF SPAIN (Weekly Bonus Question). But I DO know that ralphallison's suggestion is truly brilliant:
"What is the governing factor in the amount of rain that falls mainly on the plain?"
Jon, Aberdeen, UK
Monitor note: Agreed. Kudos all 'round.

Web Monitor, you brighten up my lunchtime every day. Thank you!
Jayne Curtis, Greenwich, London

You know what I love most about maps? It's how they tell you where stuff is in relation to other stuff.
Stuee, Sydney, Australia

Why does my girlfriend turn the colander upside down to dry?
Adam, Vancouver, Canada

Why do articles denote a police constable as a Pc rather than PC? It looks odd. I checked the style guide and actually the BBC is going against it's own guidelines. Can I have some geek points please?
Aaron, Reading, UK

Being a solicitor, I love the small print on some adverts. Today there was an ad for a car which offered 25 free music downloads with a test drive. The downloads were offered "whilst stocks last". There are no stocks of downloads. Yes, they may be limited by availability, but they will not "run out".
Basil Long, Nottingham (again)

Paul (Thursday letters), there isn't a copy of Hy Lit's Unbelievable Dictionary of Hip Words for Groovy People in Wakefield library, but I did see a copy of How To Make Friends and Influence People, if you're interested?
Ed, Wakefield

Suz (Thursday letters), christenings and baptism are entirely different things; Christenings are naming ceremonies; baptisms are about being welcomed into the church ( a symbolic washing away of sin).
Jamie, Long Eaton

Suz, baptism is not just limited to the Catholic church. "Believers' Baptism" is undertaken in many Protestant churches, including CofE, where the individual is making a public declaration of their faith, either by sprinkling or full emersion. "Christening" tends to focus simply on naming the child and a lot of parents do it for traditional rather than spiritual reasons.
Lauren, Taunton

Steve? Are you still there?
Keith, Guildford

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