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16:12 UK time, Thursday, 23 July 2009

Re Study nails secret of child sleep. This tells us two things: Children who get plenty of exercise sleep better. Children who sleep better are less likely to have obesity problems. Um, is it just me or is that one step longer than it needs to be?
Caroline Brown, Rochester, UK

CofE wedding to include baptism: What? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't baptism the Catholic ceremony, as I'm pretty sure in the Church of England we have Christenings.
Suz, Bath

Can't you guys make up your mind? The headline says Jackson doctor's clinic raided. But the article goes on to say "it was not technically a raid". Come on.
Kenneth, Orkney

I guessed there must already be a guide for being hip and groovy (Wednesday's letters). A little bit of Googling came up with this "Hy Lit's unbelievable dictionary of hip words for groovy people". It sounds like a promising start. Unfortunately, I can only find a single copy in the National Library of Australia. I know Monitor readers span the globe but what are the chances of somebody taking a peek and getting back to us?
Paul, St G, Cornwall

Mark (Wednesday's letters), please don't ask the Monitor to take on additional work. We all know he is far too busy filling his vol-au-wents and putting his chicken in his basket.
Jaye, Rutland, England

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