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16:44 UK time, Friday, 3 July 2009

I couldn't help but click on the link "this very website five years ago" (Thursday's letters). Oh how much tidier the BBC website looked in 2004! Does that answer your constant query to readers on how much we have noticed about your new(est) layout?
JennyT, NY Brit (now a NJ Brit)

Have the BBC made an executive decision about WHICH day the moon landing occurred? I saw that it was documented as July 20th 1969 on this morning's Breakfast programme, but because of the time-difference between here and America, it was 3am on the 21st July in the UK when Neil Armstrong actually stepped onto the moon's surface. As the moon has no time zones, shouldn't UTC/GMT be used to describe this moment? That would make the date of this momentous event July 21st 1969.
Philip Meehan, Goring-by-Sea, UK

Apparently the photographer Kevin Mazur had an adrenaline rush like the first time he photographed Michael Jackson moonwalking. A PHOTO of Michael Jackson moonwalking? Er, wouldn't that look exactly like Michael Jackson walking?
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

Re. the latest story on the Air France crash, which cites un-inflated lifejackets as evidence that the crash was unexpected. As everyone knows from pre-flight briefings, lifejackets should only be inflated after exiting a crashed plane so as to avoid hindering escape. The story reports that the plane "broke on impact" with a "strong vertical acceleration," so presumably there were no survivors to escape. A more important point, therefore, is: were the recovered bodies wearing lifejackets?
Tim Evans, Oxford, UK

It may be that professional sports people have a different concept of personal comfort from mere mortals but I venture to suggest that underpants you stick to are other than lucky.
Paul Clare, Marlow, UK

Having lost the little sweepstake we were having as to when you'd call time on the punny business names (I'd given it another day), we're now taking bets (based on the 5 year old letters page) as to how many 'I know the topic is closed but...' letters will appear in the next week.
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

Monitor: Shiz, you know Monitor would never stoop that low. When a conversation thread is over, it's over. O.V.E.R.

Seeing as you have now, thankfully, brought the shutters down on the punning shop name conversation, may I heartily congratulate one shop who resolutely stands firm against the overwhelming pressure to pun. It's a florist. In Epping. Called... The Epping Flower Shop. Bravo!
Matthew D, Lincoln

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