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15:21 UK time, Monday, 15 June 2009

Regarding Dr Mike Beckett's comments on the redesign of knives: "This is especially true of household products which are freely available to the very young and very old, and used by people who may be clumsy, short tempered, drunk or mentally or physically unwell. Most people fit into one or more of these categories at some time in their lives." I'd like to meet someone who hadn't, at some stage in their lives, fallen into one of these catagories.
Cheryl, Newmarket, Suffolk

Re Massive sculpture for river bank: If I was in charge it would be called slinky.
Stuart, Croydon

I know I like being cynical, but isn't this just a description of a person and a diamond rather than proof of aliens? "He saw bodies - large heads, almond shaped eyes... and material that couldn't be burnt, ripped, cut - anything."
Jinja, Edinburgh

What was the first word to enter the English language?
Stephen Dodds, Tokyo, Japan

Martin in Bristol (Friday's letters), "twonk" may have been around for many years (love the 'Dwarf episode too) but not every word appears in the dictionary - it's only now it has been added.
Graham, West Sussex

Come on now Paper Monitor: "Now all those things Mr Brule (it's really too tiresome to put those accents in again)." Have you not heard of Copy and Paste? That would have been 52 less keypresses than typing a complaint. And then more time wasted reading this message from me asking why you didn't use copy and paste... And more time wasted copying and pasting it into the letters page?
Kirk Northrop, Manchester, UK

What could Paper Monitor possibly do that is more embarrassing than revealing HIS gender? (Except making HTML jokes!)
Steve Bowman, London

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