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15:11 UK time, Friday, 12 June 2009

I've just completed the 7 Days 7 Questions quiz, and found out that a "new" word added to the English Language is "Twonk - a stupid or foolish person". This isn't new. Timothy Spall was using it to descibe the Red Dwarf crewmembers in Back to Reality from series five, 17 years ago.
Martin, Bristol, UK

How do you download a web browser without a web browser?
Stuart Taylor, Bromley, Kent

From the Kiss and Patel article: '"It's our culture and tradition," says one of the young women at the event, who didn't want to be named.'

I'm guessing it might be "Miss Patel".
Neil Moir, Aberdeen, Scotland

There is a fundamental flaw in your article "Ronaldo for beginners". Given that it is apparently written "for those who don't follow the game or the celebrity world which accompanies it", who exactly do you think is going to read it?
Adam, London, UK

Malawi's chief justice, Lovemore Munlo: "[Madonna is] also financially stable." Understatement of the week?
Martin, bristol, UK

Is it my imagination, or does Phil Spector minus his wig look uncannily like Mr Burns from the Simpsons?
Liz, Staffordshire Moorlands

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