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16:42 UK time, Monday, 8 June 2009

A celebration of the riches of the web.

Web Monitor clicked through the pages of the web as fast as the new apprentice should be selling signage to doctors' surgeries, bringing you all the best bits here. If you find an interesting piece of internet gold, e-mail us by commenting in the box on the right.

Daryl HannahDaryl Hannah told Gaby Wood in the Guardian what made her start campaigning about the environment:

"I kind of recognised the fact that it looked like we were heading towards a war for oil, not a war against terror, and since I had been off petroleum for a number of years, I felt it was imperative that I get out there and start letting people know that there are other options available to us. Most people were completely gobsmacked by the idea that cars could run on vegetable matter."

Web Monitor recently recommended an article about the rise of homeless people having e-mail, Facebook andTwitter accounts and as a continuation of this theme we're now recommending you read this critique of homeless shelters by a homeless person.
Commenting on the End Homelessness blog, "SlumJack Homeless" says homeless shelters cause more problems than they solve, wasting your time as they're designed to protect addicts from their addictions. But his main gripe is all the rules about bedtimes, that keep him away from the internet cafes.

Salon magazine tells the story of the most successful "super- repo man", Nick Popovich. He makes his money repossessing jets and yachts from the once-rich for the banks, so business is going well at the moment. Web Monitor thinks he may need to watch a little bit of the Fast Show as judging from this quote, he'd get on with imaginary car salesman Swiss Tony:

"Repossessing a giant, gleaming multimillion dollar plane is kind of like courting a beautiful woman. Sometimes the chase is better than the catch."

• The Daily Mail website is a lot fruitier than its newspaper, sprinkled with pictures of bikini-clad celebrities on holiday or women painting the town red. Now the buffthebanana blog links to the celebrity articles in the Daily Mail website so you don't have to wade through the other stuff.

Carly Simon• The singer Carly Simon explains in the Daily Beast how she overcame her stutter:

"There is nothing more humiliating for a stutterer than to have their word or sentence finished for them. I didn't have names for these fears.... In the early years, I was beaten into states of self-hatred and begging to go 'home.' Please let me go home. To my mother. I was assaulted, bruised, battered, and broken. I knew the answers in class and couldn't raise my hand. I had to learn that the first devastating lesson was to learn to have the courage to face life... I learned that singing was a big, big, big relief. So, after many years, it was becoming more and more clear: I would be a singer."

• The Apprentice winner, Yasmina Siadatan may be wondering why she bothered after being given a middle manager job in a signage department as her prize. But Web Monitor would like to remind her, it could be worse than working for Siralan-soon-to-be-Lord Sugar and point her towards Business Insider's list of the worst CEOs ever. Yasmina will be relieved to see that her new boss doesn't feature.

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