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Paper Monitor

10:35 UK time, Friday, 5 June 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

"Too much girlfriend chatting on phone last night - and BGT - and missed out on tweeting."

The papers have a lot of fun with Sarah Brown's Twitter feed.

Britain's Got Talent, gardening, baking cakes and cookies are subjects that portray a life in a parallel universe from her husband's in the last week.

But the Times reveals that Mrs Brown does tweet on weightier matters too. She also exchanges tweets with the likes of Kevin Spacey and Eddie Izzard about Aung San Suu Kyi, the imprisoned Burmese politician.

Paper Monitor has noted the Daily Mail's love of quirky animal stories before, here and here for example.

And there's another corker today. As ever, the beauty is in the pictures, which the Mail gives ample space to on the prime real estate of page three.

A leopard has found a rat eating one of the chunks of meat tossed to her for dinner in her enclosure in Hertfordshire. It gives it a sniff but the rat courageously carries on eating...

At a time of political upheaval and talk of Westminster back-stabbings, rats can get a bad name, but here's evidence to the contrary.

Lots of great D-Day anniversary coverage, but one interview caught (and moistened) Paper Monitor's eye.

Ken Scott, 93, has returned to Gold Beach for the first time since landing there in a recovery truck amid German artillery fire 65 years ago.

Surveying an empty, tranquil beach under clear blue skies, he tells the Daily Telegraph: "The sea's not pink today... no bodies being washed up."

When asked what those moments were like, he says: "Go to a cemetery and look at every cross and think of each one as a son or a husband or a father of children and count them, and then you might know a little."

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