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17:57 UK time, Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Re Brighton Beach on a Bank Holiday (Paper Monitor, Tuesday), I was in Bournemouth over the weekend and I wouldn't say the beach was packed. Even the linked photo of Brighton Beach in Paper Monitor doesn't exactly show a packed Brighton Beach, it's just the camera angle that leads you to think it's packed.
J. Paul Murdock, Wall Heath UK

Re Vidic ready to win at all costs and similar stories. Would it not make sense to have a moratorium on all stories in the "sportsperson wants to win sporting contest" vein?
Tim Barrow, London, UK

Regarding Tuesday's mini-quiz - Did you mean to say that the farmers were advised to wear ear defenders in order to protect their hearing? I'm pretty sure that the ear muffs would really only do as much as keep their ears warm!
Heulwen, Ipswich, UK

While I'm sure there will be lots of letters about Mr. Bird, I wonder if I'm the only one concerned about whether trainee bikers really need learn how to drive in a war zone?
Dan, Cambridge
MM: Ooh, nice HTML formatting Dan.

Lucy P, Friday's Letters, no, in fact, quite the opposite sadly. I open up the links in a cascade of browser-tabs, and then by the time I get to a specific story, the corresponding letter, and hence the humor, has sadly been lost to me.
Angharad Beurle-Williams, Per Brixton Ad Brisbane

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