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15:25 UK time, Thursday, 14 May 2009

Did anyone else feel compelled to count the "actuallys" in this clip? Eleven, if you're asking. That's one every 6.5 seconds of her speech. Plus one "isolasid".
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

Difficult choice for the caption comp, was it?
Maggie, London, UK

Saw this story headline and was really confused about how cheese could be homophobic.
Adam, London

"Two other Labour peers - the former minister Lord Moonie and Lord Snape - were cleared of wrongdoing." Come on, two Lords named after Harry Potter characters!?
Jim, Coventry

From the source code of the gender quiz page: "You do not have any gender tendency. If you got here, something went awfully wrong or you are just viewing the source code of this page. Cheater."

It's nice to know that even the BBC's software developers have a sense of humour...
PB, London

If you are still reporting minor irritations in journalistic style then I suggest that the superfluous quote marks round the phrase "sex toy" in this story are merely to cover Jonathan's embarrassment at writing such a thing.
Dave, Oxford, UK

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