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16:13 UK time, Friday, 8 May 2009

Monitor: A bumper crop of letters to compensate for yesterday's epistolary vacuum.

This works for yawning not sneezing - for sneezing it's putting your finger lengthways under your nose.
Katie Brice, Bristol, England

I was told a trick to stop a sneeze, and it has worked for me so far in life - bite your lower lip, fairly hard, when you feel that first nasal tingle, and you won't sneeze. Oh, and while we're at it, does anyone have a definitive, reliable cure for hiccoughs?
Mouse, Dorking/Farnham

I think Nia Griffiths may be getting mixed up with how to suck a boiled sweet. As for preventing a sneeze, my grandmother always told us to press a finger on the centre of our forehead and make a little circling action. Try it - it works.
Liz, Staffordshire

Oh come on. That headline really did promise so much more...
Tom K Hawkey, Nottingham, UK

What are the rules again on posting here? Obviously whatever we say has to appeal to perfectionists, but I forget what is frowned upon. I only say it because I was about to comment on a sports story and worried about the wrath that might ensue...
Tom Webb, Epsom, UK

Couldn't you have chosen another picture for the caption competition this week? There are those of us who find these plastinated corpses repellent. Sorry, but I couldn't even look at the picture. Or want to read the captions.
Patrick M, Singapore

Following the blogging and expenses fiascos, am I the only one who saw this headline, and thought that the government had yet another controversy to deal with?
Graeme, Dundee

"Pygmy hogs stand just 25cm-tall (10in) and weigh only 6-9kg (13-20lb)." Conveniently around the same length as a baguette.
Jon Barnes, Bridgend

Can we have a polite ripple of applause for Fiona Lambert of Asda for giving us the phrase "ladies that are blessed in the chest department"?
HB, London

Bird-brained nominative determinism for you.
Juliet G, London

Best headline I've seen in some time.
Jen, Oxford, UK

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