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18:17 UK time, Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Re this story [at least, that's Monitor's assumption], is there a name, or even a mathematical formula, for the phenomenon whereby I, as a Londoner, even when I worked in the West End for years, have never once bumped into someone I know on Oxford Street, probably the most famous, and one of the busiest streets in the country, and yet I can be lost in Tokyo and bump into someone I actually know, also from London?
Rob, London, UK

Who's Kevin Bacon?
Maggie, London uk

In the rather sick case involving the killing and scalping of cats, is it poetic justice that sentencing was deferred?
Simon Rooke, Nottingham UK

Reading this made me realise how hard it is to keep up with politics these days. In my day, the Labour party used to be on the left.
Adam, London, UK

Re Web Monitor (Friday, 1 May), the picture behind Nick Robinson is by Cedric Morris, a portrait of Angus Davidson, a writer and publisher. Or possibly John Cleese.
David Clark, London, UK

Re this story, you know, I'm pretty sure that Goethe and Dukas got there ever so slightly before Walt Disney. Though I can only hope that Nick Cage will make use of his formidable acting talents in an epic end-scene battle with a dozen hippos in tutus.
Dan, Cambridge

Could somebody please tell me how to add a hyperlink to text; so I can link a story to a word. Thanks in advance
Ian, Bristol

Monitor: You don't have to include the html, but it sure would help Monitor get out the office on time for its train. The only problem is every time it tries to write the text for how to create a hyperlink, it just goes and creates a hyperlink, thereby defeating the purpose of the exercise. Any suggestions?

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