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17:10 UK time, Friday, 1 May 2009

I am typing this from the naughty step, very much corrected and humbled. But I wonder, is there a term for the mixed-up feeling of extreme embarrassment at being so wrong, while absolutely thrilled at seeing my name as the strapline for the link to letters?
Lisa (yes *THAT* Lisa!), Cambridge

Invisibility cloak edges closer. How do you know?
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

Rahere (Thursday letters), it's the other way round: "écouteurs" means to listen and "entendre" to hear, and the word used for someone who listens (for instance to a radio programme) is an "auditeur".
Helen, Paris

Billboards. Is it the law that they are always described as pithy or is a personal adjectival choice?
Vicky, East London

Re Bankers made 'astonishing mess': Is it time to start a column entitled 10 Things We Did Know Last Week - And The Week Before That...?
John Whapshott, Westbury, England

I will not be around on Monday, but I would like to wish everyone a happy Star Wars day with the traditional greeting "May the fourth be with you".
Ralph, Cumbria

I saw a pig sneeze this morning. Should I run to the hills? Are the pigs in the hills? I can't run to the forest because of the boars! I can't even go into town because we have a city farm! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
Basil Long, Nottingham

Can a small amount of kudos be taken away from the 13 (13!!!) Monitorites who went for "He's feeling a little horse" in the caption comp?
Rory, Grimsby

I may have blinked and missed it, but was the Magazine's 2008 Annual ever published? Did we ever get to see Paula Lewis' winning design?
Clare Hughes, Luton
Monitor note: You can find it here.

This week I've got a comment posted on a Magazine story (the 110% one), got a photo in the local paper billboards, now I'm hoping to get this letter printed for the triple.
Tom, Maidstone, UK
Monitor note: Granted. Not least because the mailbag is so full of missent WBQs and captions it's hard to find many letters.

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