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15:57 UK time, Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A celebration of the riches of the web.

We trawl the web to give you the most interesting bits. Make sure you share your best links with us by either sending us a comment via the box to the right of this page or recommending it to us on Delicious - we're called "bbcwebmonitor".

Bono • To start with, Bono's latest crusade - poetry. Bono will read a poem he wrote about Elvis on BBC Radio 4 on 13 May. In the meantime, Professor John Sutherland dissected the poem for the Guardian and got increasingly incensed by it:

"My hypothesis is that Bono wants to give the impression of a sculptor's chisel, carving out a definitive statue of his King and Saint. Does it work? I have my doubts."

If this puts you in the mood for a bit of poetry, try out the poetry archives, where poets read their own poems including recently crowned Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

Gordon Brown, Nick Robinson, mystery painting

• The prize for answering our question about the painting behind Nick Robinson's head on the Ten O'Clock news goes to David Clark in London. He rightly answered that it was Cedric Morris's painting of Angus Davidson. Unfortunately the prize is this link to more info on the painting courtesy of the Government Art Collection website, which David already knows about anyway. Hohum. All Web Monitor can give you is links - no vase or even a dictionary. We're not Countdown.

Swine flu advert • The next mystery waiting to be solved is: Who is the sneezing man on the Swine Flu adverts (right)? Send us the links to where you found it out. Here are a few leads for you - IMDB, a kind of yellow pages for film stars and Campaign Magazine is the insiders' guide to the advertising industry.

• If you feel you've missed out on the Twitter craze, here's the easiest way to keep up. The 100 most popular twits' tweets, or in English, what Stephen Fry is having for breakfast, follows the stars so you don't have to.

sharonandozzyosbourne126.jpg• In extra audio from a Radio 2 interview with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, only available online, they were asked if they think they are soul mates. They didn't say no, but they didn't say yes either, going for a more pragmatic approach. Sharon answered with: "We've been a couple for 29 years, I don't have 29 years to invest in someone." Ozzy, thinking about the alternatives, said: "I don't understand what a guy of my age, 60, would have in common with a 19-year-old."

• Across the web people are declaring they're not scared of Swine Flu. Time magazine is claiming it has all been more a panic than pandemic and lists their top 10 panics which include salmonella ("If there's one panic that reoccurs like clockwork, it's salmonella"), and red dye ("artificial dyes are subject to some of the most bizarre fears and nastiest urban legends").
Meanwhile, the Urban Dictionary entered a new definition into their dictionary - swine flucation. The dictionary, always useful for decoding insults in YouTube comments, defines it as:

"The time spent not at school or work due to the closures caused by the Swine Flu scare."
One person who could write the urban dictionary is Mike Skinner, from the Streets, whose song "Swine flu, it's behind you" picks up on the theme of scaremongering.

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