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23:23 UK time, Friday, 1 May 2009

A celebration of the riches of the web.

We trawl the web to give you the most interesting bits. If you do feel like having a little wander, then make sure you share your best links with us by either sending us a comment via the box to the right of this page or recommending it to us on Delicious - we're called 'bbcwebmonitor'.

• The actor who plays plays Stringer Bell on The Wire, Idris Elba was on BBC Breakfast promoting his new film Obsessed, co-starring Beyonce Knowles. The interview's worth watching just to hear his English accent. If you're shocked he's not American, don't worry, you're not the only one, he reveals it's a common occurrence;
"I did an interview the other day and the guy said: 'Wow you do a really good English accent. You can lose it now...' He had no idea." Asked why he moved to America, he revealed hitting the big time as an actor in the UK was a little deflating: "I worked here, I did it all - Ruth Rendell mysteries. My ambition was bigger and taller."

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• Here's a mystery waiting to be solved. On the BBC News at Ten on Thursday night, our man Nick Robinson interviewed Gordon Brown in a room in Downing Street where an intriguing picture of a lopsided face hung on the wall behind Nick Robinson (below). Without wanting to sound all Crimewatch, can you name the picture? To help you along is the interactive tour of Number 10 Downing Street, where the interview took place, and the Government art catalogue database. Comment via the link at the top of this entry. Gordon Brown, Nick Robinson, mystery painting

• A news report of a real-life superhero 'Shadow Hare' is doing the internet rounds. It's in Cincinnati, where grown men don't just dress up in superhero outfits when they're fighting child custody battles. The superhero, who started of on the website World Superhero Registry says he intends to "intervene in crimes, if they happen in-front of me." On his own superhero profile, Mr Hare says: "I've stopped many evil doers...such as drug dealers, muggers, rapists, and crazy hobos with pipes."

• If you're a control freak, the idea of people googling you could make you wake up in a cold sweat. The Mashable guide to controlling your own personal brand sets you up to sell yourself on the internet much like selling a chocolate bar but also gives good advice like how to reserve your own name on social networks.

• There's an art to writing complaint letters to get back what you want. This art is not perfected by Chad Bradley who writes outlandish complaint letters to big corporations to see how politely they respond. So far he has managed to get Norwich Union to reassure him that his insurance cover will cover him from being eaten by ants and MB Games, the makers of Connect 4, state very firmly but politely that they will not be interested in his new game idea, Connect 1.



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