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Paper Monitor

11:56 UK time, Thursday, 28 May 2009

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It's not often Paper Monitor ventures to the back pages, but the word among colleagues is that there was a football bout on last night in which a contingent popularly known as Man United, in recognition of its exclusively male cast (though, by sheer coincidence, it is also ensconced in the city of Manchester) was partaking.

Now, fans of The Soccer, it's well known, like a headline that achieves two things simultaneously - relaying a story while also conveying some of the humour characteristic of the good cheer among abettors of the game. (Links supplied only where headlines have been replicated online.)

To whit...

"We're in Rooins"
"Catalan v Matalan"
the Sun

"Thrown to the Lionels"
"The Fall of Rome"
Daily Mirror

"That's another fine Messi"
Daily Mail

"Lionel Flair is perfect 10"
Daily Star

"Lionel Flair puts Ron in his place"

Daily Express

"As gladiators clash in Rome, United are put to the sword"
the Guardian

"Markets, investor jitters halve Man Group profits"
Financial Times

Er, are you sure about that lads?

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