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11:31 UK time, Monday, 25 May 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

What do you get if it's a bank holiday weekend and the weather is hot? Cor-what-a-scorcher bingo of course, courtesy of Paper Monitor. So get a cup of tea, sit back and see if your paper of choice has a full house.

Firstly, the picture section to check off: scantily-clad young women in bikinis, child with ice cream, crowded beach and punts on the River Cam in Cambridge. Next, the word section: soaring, sizzling, boiling, soaking up, flocking, crowded and traffic jams. Lastly, the graphics section: a big sun with the temperature stamped in the middle of it. Bingo?

After all the hottest-day-of-the-year excitement, the papers bring us back down to earth with the usual bump. Not only are there the inevitable warnings about the weather not lasting, this year we also have news that skin cancer in the UK has reached a record high. In the case of the Daily Mirror, the story runs alongside the paper's "Britain boils" story.

But as well as bikini-clad beauties two other people are ubiquitous in the papers today, both for "stunning" their respective audiences. Firstly, Susan Boyle for stunning the viewers of Britain's Got Talent again and secondly, Alan Shearer for stunning the whole of Tyneside by failing to save their beloved Newcastle United from relegation. No prizes for guessing which one's got a smile on their face.

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