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Paper Monitor

13:31 UK time, Monday, 18 May 2009

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Reading the front page of Monday's Independent, Paper Monitor is left scratching his head.

The huge promotion bar across the top of the paper proclaims an "exclusive interview" in its Life section with artist Tracey Emin.

"'Some days I feel like no one loves me' - Tracey Emin opens her heart on life, money and art."

Er, that will be the same Tracey Emin who, until a couple of months ago, had a regular gig as a columnist in, wait for it, the Independent.

Paper Monitor must confess that it's taken its eye off the ball that is Emin's "My Life in a Column" column - the last recorded note of it being here.

In fact, the line about no one loving our Trace is heavily reminiscent of the sort of material that Emin used to write about in her column.

The interviewer acknowledges Emin's work for the paper, suggesting her current contributions are "more meditative than her early hedonistic tales". What could be more meditative that a conversation about "life, money and art"?

The Sun, like all the others, is still heavily occupied by the expenses saga - noting that "Parliament's reputation is at its lowest ebb since Cromwell's intervention in 1653."

To make the point, the Sun reprints the Cromwell's speech to Parliament in a sort of olde worlde serif font, and an etching from the time of angry men storming Parliament. The speech, we're told, is as relevant now as it was then. Paper Monitor senses when the Sun is calling for men in stovepipe hats, things really must be bad.

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