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16:13 UK time, Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I discovered on the BBC TV news this morning that people in North Wales will need to boil their drinking water. It was accompanied by a short film showing us how to turn a tap on and fill the kettle. I note that your online item covering the same story lacks these vital instructions. Don't you care about the people of North Wales?
Kipson, Norwich, UK

Message to my daughter re the mini quiz. This is NOT, repeat NOT, the definitive reason to replace "proper breakfast" with donuts.
Jaye, Rutland, England

Re local paper billboards: My first week at Exeter University I was walking to the student bar when I heard the news that there had been a shooting near to Croydon, my home town. I took two steps forward, only to be confronted by a billboard for the Exeter Express & Echo. The headline? "Dog Eats Shed - And Lives".
Molly, Dorking

I think (the nearly all-noun) "Shop worker's assault by coleslaw shock" has to be one of the best local news billboard headlines - courtesy of the Shoreham Herald last year. It paints a great mental picture.
Hannah, Shoreham-by-Sea

My favourite was regarding the Royal Berkshire Hospital: "Anger Over Royal Berks".
Jon Barnes, Bridgend

Your billboard feature reminds me that during the Falklands war I visited Barrow-in-Furness. There was an A-Board outside a newsagents with two headlines. "Another British Ship Sunk" and "Good News for Local Shipyard".
Geoff Coglan, Accrington, UK

Regarding the story about the Tourette pianist, should it not be "ecoteurs" - if such a word exists - rather than "voyeurs".
Jeremy, Aylesbury, UK

So a parliamentary answer reveals what we Magazine readers knew almost three years ago - that there are almost 40,000 bottles in the government's wine cellar.
Peter Douglas, Edinburgh

Have you ever tried sending a telegram? Traditional marriage messages must be a thing of the past as every enquiry I made to use this service resulted in failure. Maybe in light of this month's Slow Down London event, it may return with some other romantic novelties like birdsong, bicycle bells and snail mail that are being featured.
Vanessa, London

Paper Monitor is a muppet. Halfway Up The Stairs was sung by Kermit the Frog. Nothing to do with Winnie the Pooh.
Lisa, Cambridge
Monitor note: You've asked for it now, Lisa...

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