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15:22 UK time, Wednesday, 15 April 2009

"Government behaviour adviser Sir Alan Steer is expected to say in a report that satisfactory 'isn't good enough'."

You know, I'm pretty certain that is exactly what satisfactory means. Perhaps Sir Alan (no relation?) needs to take an English class or two?
Dan, Cambridge

Tyler from Oxford (Tuesday letters): sorry to spoil it but "reject" is the verb there... The BBC, august organisation that it is, doesn't go in for verb-less headlines like the Sun or the Daily Mail very much. A Sun headline such as "Vicar in bed shame saga" would no doubt be rendered as "Local vicar discovered in 'shaming bed tryst'"...
Mark, Reading, UK

This is rather confusing - does the word Amazonian refer to the where the ants live or their lifestyle or both?
Ray, Turku, Finland

"The choice of the US presidential pooch had been a pet topic for the nation's press". Oh, very good.
Rick P, Oxford, UK

Potential quote of the day?: "It very quickly dawned on me that they were actually a bunch of massive chavs."
Adrian, Sheffield, UK

To Ian, Redditch (Tuesday letters): The US President is referred to as Leader of the Free World in the same way as the US v Canada knockabout is called the World Series.
Violet, Leicester

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