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12:19 UK time, Thursday, 30 April 2009

Following on from its debut appearance yesterday Mask Count is back.

Thirteen. Along with the familiar white and blue masks there's even a yellow one.

The Times
Of the 11 featured, eight are in one shot. A bid to win the Mask Count crown perhaps?

Daily Mirror and Guardian
Six each.

Daily Mail and Daily Express
Two. And they've even got the same two. The Mail trumps with the colour version.

Daily Star
One. Not sure the picture of Katy Perry clutching a scarf to her face really counts...

Daily Telegraph
Zero. The paper's picture editor no doubt had more pressing priorities with the crème de la crème of posh totty for the front page (see below).

Today's real contest amongst the beasts of Fleet Street is over the Gurkhas. Paper Monitor notes that the Telegraph, Express and Mirror are all claiming credit for the decision to allow the soldiers to stay in the UK. So whose campaign can declare victory?

The Express says it began its "crusade" back in 2004.

In its lead story, the Telegraph boasts that the decisive vote "comes just 24 hours after The Daily Telegraph began a campaign calling for them to be admitted". Just in the nick of time to jump on the victory bandwagon then...

The Mirror fails to mention when it first got fired up about the Gurkhas but does have something the others don't - a personal name check from Joanna Lumley. "The Mirror started the campaign. The Gurkhas know the debt of honour Mirror readers by their support have repaid them."

With the image of her brandishing a gleaming Gurkha blade, does anyone dare argue?

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