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Paper Monitor

12:23 UK time, Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor is proud to announce the arrival of a new sub-brand, Mask Count - a sibling for Paperweight.

Just as Paperweight is named for its job - weighing the daily papers - Mask Count also does what it says on the tin. (Paper Monitor, while an attentive parent, is not overly imaginative when it comes to naming its offspring.)

And here are the results.

Daily Telegraph
Fifteen! A tally upped considerably by its photo of Mexican riot police. All in masks.

Daily Star
A whopping 13 - count 'em - blue surgical masks on its pages, including six in the cartoon. Although one is on Michael Jackson, so can't really count, as this has long been his facial accessory of choice.

The Independent
Five. All the blue surgical masks that are suddenly so popular.

Daily Mail
Four different models, assessed for cost and effectiveness. "So does wearing one really protect you?" its headline asks. Short answer, not really. And you'd need to change surgical or dust masks - the most commonly used - every two hours.

Daily Mirror and Sun
Three each - the Mirror's tally also includes Michael Jackson, and the Sun shows its man in Mexico wearing one.

The Times and Daily Express
Two each.

The Guardian
One, as G2 asks if it's worth wearing one. Again, no, especially as the medical profession appear to think these "about as much use in avoiding swine flu as wearing a pair of statement earrings".

PS: The Mail has yet more matchy-matchy photos of the fragrant Carla Bruni Sarkozy and Princess Letizia. Even the Sun gets in on the act, for obvious reasons - in their chosen snap, of the pair in gowns and sashes, it looks as if Carla is touching Letizia's bosom.


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