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15:55 UK time, Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Can you claim expenses for attending a hearing about your expenses?
Nigel Macarthur, London, England

Has Paper Monitor been acquainted with Charlie Brooker's Newswipe on BBC Four? I'd imagine they'd get on like a house on fire. (They'd make Brass Eye a bit jealous though).
Mohin Miah, London

I note with interest that research suggests women's shopping sprees are linked to the time of the month - presumably, the minute the previous month's credit card bill arrives.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

This phenomenon isn't confined to women, you know. I myself have a monthly event that subconsciously influences my shopping patterns, only I call it "payday".
Edward Green, London, UK

Stuart is correct about long-tailed-tits and the name "bumbarrels" (Monday letters) - and the Latin name is almost as evocative. I have been wondering over the weekend whether the stress is on the "bum" or on the "rel". Can anyone put me out of my misery?
Maggie, London

Alice of Worcestershire (Wednesday's letters): Surely it's Woostershuh? At least, that's how I always pronounced it, but in an Italian shop I have to ask for "Perrin's", otherwise I get blank stares...
Geoffrey, Rome, Italy

Re Security experts eye worm attack: All noun headline alert!
Timothy, Leeds

Jack (Friday and Monday letters): Nominative determinism. Haven't we had this conversation before in the Monitor? Google reports 211 references to the phrase on the BBC website - 212 now.
David, Bagshot, UK

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