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15:18 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009

Reading the tortuous Dylan puns in this story reminded me of the Indy's killer article earlier in the week (sadly overlooked by Paper Monitor) Adams makes a better fist of his wordplay describing Dylan's hapless neighbours as "tangled up in poo". Sublime.
Rory, Grimsby

It's OK, it's not the singer.
Stuart, Croydon

The face recognition on Google Streetview is working well, as the poster for the Christmas pantomime visible on the Croydon Fairfield Halls has the face of Brian Blessed blurred out. However, this is rather undermined by the billing next door to the photo, that says "Brian Blessed" in big letters.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

It's considerate of Google to remove some images, and I'm sure it's good PR for them. But they're doing a disservice to photographers in propagating the myth that people are entitled to privacy in public places. To quote an article in a recent photography magazine: "Nobody owns the copyright on their own face.".
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

Did the "technical problem" blighting this week's Caption Competition emerge once some bright spark realised that large, unusual creature interracts with small female child was essentially a variation on last week's Caption Competition?
Sue, London

Caption Competition cancelled? It's political correctness gone mad. I know what's really happened - the BBC has received complaints from the T-Rex Association of Great Britain, who has stated that the picture plays on outdated stereotypes about their kind. Many T-Rexes are now useful, worthwhile members of the community, and almost never eat people any more.
The Bob, Glasgow
Monitor note: It was, unfortunately, a return of our bete noir, Technical Gremlins. Fingers crossed the techies have beaten them off for good this time.

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