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12:09 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Today, some praise for the rich variety of language in Britain's newspapers.

First to the Daily Star, that most distinctive of reads. Like the Inuits and their relationship with snow, said paper needs a lot of ways of referring to breasts for its mammary-obsessed readership.

But there is something very evocative about the description of WAG Charlotte Mears' bosom as "two swollen chest monsters".

Moving on. All the papers cover Google's Street View feature finally arriving in the UK. And there are subtle nuances in the language. In the Daily Mirror there is a sidebar entitled "MY MAGICAL MOMENT". But the Daily Mail pins its colours to the mast with a headline saying: "GOOGLE'S SPY ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE".

And you know what the Independent's mission statement is all about when you read the headline "'Miracle rice' gives Uganda hope of its own green revolution".

Like the Inuits with snow and the Star with breasts, so the Daily Express needs lots of words for those people that do relatively minor but very annoying bad things.

Once piece goes with "yob" in the headline, followed by "louts" in the intro and "offenders" in the second par.

The piece is mercifully short, meaning there's no need to wheel out "hooligans", "thugs", "hoodies", "Asbo teens", "youths", "miscreants", "reprobates", "bounders", "cads" and "scallywags".

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