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Paper Monitor

12:08 UK time, Thursday, 19 March 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It can be hard to find cheering news in these hard times. Just look at today's papers. The only bit of light relief is a picture of Gary Neville's garden, featured in the Sun and Daily Mirror. It shows the Man Utd footballer has had MUFC mowed into his 18ft by 10ft shrubs. It's so bad, it's good. Paper Monitor now wants its own initials in its privet.

But the Dailies Mail and Express appear to have found one of these elusive success stories. Both have a feature on the wartime poster which has made an incredible comeback. It features the simple slogan: "Keep Calm and Carry On". Revived by Stewart Manley, an independent bookseller, it is selling like hot cakes and now features on mugs, mouse mats, tea towels and T-shirts - to name a few.

Journalists at the Guardian may choke on their museli, as G2 carried the same story yesterday, and here it is, regurgitated and repackaged as if it were new. The cheek.

But while they fight it out among themselves, Paper Monitor draws your attention to Is this the greatest motivational poster ever?, dating from 4 February, and brought to you by a very close relation - The Magazine. Not that we're bragging, it's all about setting the record straight.

The Daily Mail also appears to be struggling to understand what "budget" means to the average person. Its fashion page very helpful shows us how to save £74,406 by swapping designer outfits for almost identical catwalk-inspired pieces from the High Street. Among these "budget" pieces are a £297 handbag, shoes costing £120 and a pair of sunglasses with a £89.50 price tag.


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