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10:46 UK time, Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Your 20p Daily Star is loving it. Page 16 lead: "WE'RE TOO FAT TO WORK, GIVE US MORE DOLE".

Apparently "X Factor flop" Emma Chawner's family are too fat to work. They say they have a genetic condition that makes them obese, and the Daily Star is not one to pass judgement. Such as by calling them "tubby" or "biscuit loving".

Over in the Sun, readers get a whole page of wacky animal stories. As well as the alarming story of Bindi and the python, page 19 also offers up a hedgehog with no spikes and a pigeon in Brixton that got a bagel trapped round its neck and still managed to fly off.

On page 16 of the Daily Mirror the row over the chief medical officer's efforts to ban cheap booze is covered. And how might we illustrate it? They've only gone and used a picture of Drunk Girl again. Would a rise in the price of Smirnoff Ice have helped this wretched generic photo star?

The tabloids manage to find room for pictures of Dancing on Ice star Jessica Taylor promoting Tesco underwear, but the Daily Mirror fails to win any plaudits for its pun. "UNDRESSICA TAYLOR". That, as they say, is well bad.

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