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13:09 UK time, Monday, 9 March 2009

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What a difference switching from one paper to another can make.

Reports of the Northern Ireland shootings in the Guardian and Times put very different glosses on the reaction of Sinn Fein, and anyone reading both accounts could be forgiven for wondering if the same events were being reported on.

"No Grief, no anger - Sinn Fein has its say" runs the promo on the front page of the Times, and on page four, the newspaper deconstructs the statement issued by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams.

"The lack of a sense of grief or anger is striking - chilling perhaps," it opines, underlining what it sees as the calculated tip-toeing of a statement which took 14 hours to emerge.

The Guardian's emphasis, though, is much more on the political unity it says the events have provoked, and here Sinn Fein's response is cast in a very different light.

Martin McGuinness is described as emotional, opting for quotes such as: "I will stand for all democrats against their attempts to plunge us back into conflict."

And it sees Adams' statement as not chilling, but "unprecedented" and "historic".

And now for something completely different. The Independent is the only (former) broadsheet not to feature the Real IRA killings on its front page, going instead with a picture of a loveable mutt from Crufts.

Perhaps a lighter editorial approach is being adopted to tie in with the actual weight of the paper. Paper Monitor hasn't got its scales to hand for a proper run of its sub-brand Paperweight , but today's news, views and features are less than half the size of the Sport pull-out.

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