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17:12 UK time, Wednesday, 25 February 2009

You've got to admire the world of politics - where a blackberry cannot be the state berry of Oregon because it annoys someone, rather than the more obvious reason that it is not a berry (it's a compound fruit).
Dan, Cambridge

Game consoles 'cause skin sores' and yet the condition is idiopathic eccrine hidradenitis. That's the same idiopathic as the one that means "without known cause", right?
Rob, Reading

Wiiitis, surely?
Daniel, Oxford, UK

Take the chap out of this story, and replace him with a 17-year-old hoodie. There would be public support for the court's decision and it wouldn't even be newsworthy. Just because someone is old, doesn't mean they aren't a nuisance on rollerskates.
Sharon, Nailsea, UK

I know there's some controversy about whether atheism should be defined as a faith (Tuesday's letters), but surely we can all agree that agnosticism certainly isn't. Can't we, Dave?
Nick, London

Dave (Tuesday's letters), who thinks the faith diary won't cover atheism, there are quite a few stories about illness on the Health news pages, ignorance on the Education pages, and several articles about really boring things on the Entertainment index?
Anna, Peckham

Someone should take this mirror back to the shop. It's clearly faulty.
Simon, Colchester, UK

Has 'Most unfortunate names' revealed been written especially for the Monitor faithful?
Laura, Leatherhead

We had a kid at our school called Ben Down. He had a brother, Neil.
Basil Long, Nottingham

30p and 10 Turkish kurush.
My 30p includes a cheque for 1p (thanks Mr Griffiths!) and a special 1p from a Ms Cook from Rhode Island on which I should make a wish. The cheque also got me thinking - if a bank received millions of cheques to process all for 1p, would the cost of processing said cheques outweigh the value they brought to the bank? I'll get my groat...
Ben "Pennyboy" Merritt, Sheffield, England

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