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16:04 UK time, Monday, 23 February 2009

Following on from Matt, Cambridge (Friday's letters), people who are registered blind do not have to pay for their own post which is a plus. However, I have worked with the blind and partially sighted for over ten years and they always receive letters which aren't in Braille. I think it's disgusting that in today's modern world, companies are not allowing for people with disabilities.
Jessie, Staffs

Matt (Friday's letters), legal blindness does not necessarily entail complete blindness. Only a certain proportion of those who are legally blind cannot see at all. It's possible the man in that story was still able to read the letter.
Daniel Evans, Telford

Adam (Friday letters), I share your apostrophal pedantry. However, were you not equally exercised by manisha98116's ending his/her entry with a preposition? On, it is not.
Savo, Surrey

I note that men and women sin in ways so different that the same sin is defined as "greed" for men and "avarice" for women. Do women just get a slightly better class of sin?
Hannah Tillim, London

Ben "Pennyboy" Merritt, Sheffield

Re: 10 things So Hitler had bad table manners? Nowadays, it is a novelty if you see people actually sitting at a table for meals. Does this imply there could be trouble ahead?
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales writing.......this the....... spirit of.......Tigger.
Lee Pike, Auckland, New Zealand

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