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10:58 UK time, Friday, 27 February 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

When Paper Monitor parts the mists of time and recalls its days as a cub newspaper reporter, it remembers the calls that used to come in from the general public.

There were many that one knew would never result in a story, but the ones that were promising divided into two categories. Category one was the complicated ones - detailed, fiendishly hard tales. Category two was stories that were silly and could never be disproved.

Today's Sun has a glorious example. A businessman loses his mobile phone on a seaside walk. A few days later he gets a call from a fisherman who has found it in the belly of a 25lb cod. After minor repairs the phone now works.

This story is a perfect category two. Even the guys from CSI couldn't disprove it. And it's the kind of thing where even if it does turn out to be shonky, nobody's really going to mind that much.

All the papers are loving two stories today. The first is the photographer that takes pictures of the inside of waves.

The second is that of Kimberley Swann, a 16-year-old fired for making unflattering remarks about her work on Facebook.

One of the comments was "im so totally bord". Another was "I onli started Monday... its in sum office". But the most delightful aspect of the story is Ms Swann's account of her sacking.

"He called me into the office and said 'I have seen your comments on Facebook and I don't want my company being in the news'."

Unfortunately the name of Ivell Marketing & Logistics is now very much in the news (Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Express, Daily Mail).

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