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16:03 UK time, Friday, 30 January 2009

The Friday nominative determinism is Neil Nightingale, Head of the BBC Natural History Unit .
Fred, Rotherham

In today's "The Good, the Bad and the Mangled", a photo of Kate Winslet carries the caption "Kate Winslet does a German accent - only Germans know if it is any good". Just two questions spring to mind: what defines a "good" German accent and how on earth would most Germans even know what English spoken with a German accent sounds like?
Neil Franklin, Chandlers Ford, UK

Postman cat helps deliveries - surely this isn't news, hasn't Jess been helping Pat for years?
Mike Higgins, Leeds, UK

Those ramblers aren't naked, they're wearing socks and boots. Surely a truly naked rambler would be doing it barefoot?
Claire, London

I suspect those who write the headlines on the BBC news website must have some wager on who can get the most letters sent into the Monitor about their mischievous and misleading wording. I was deeply disappointed at the identity of the Clarkson in this headline today: "Clarkson makes US chart history." (It was Kelly, not Jeremy).
Tom, London

Re Nicky Stu (Thursday letters) - I don't think "overmorrow" would be quite such a catchy name for a diaster movie, though.
Dan, Oxford

RE: Mike (Thursday letters) may I suggest "blodge" as a succinct term for blog-avoidance?
Mary, Derby

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