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17:43 UK time, Thursday, 29 January 2009

Stig, unmasked - Brilliant! A hero in our midst, revealed at last. And good to know that someone makes such great contributions also manages to hold down a steady job. Makes me feel a lot less guilty about writing messages like this from my desk...
The Bob, Glasgow

No, I'm the Stig!
Susannah, Northampton

Is it modern etiquette to tell friends that you don't actually read their blogs or should you just bluff? And has anyone a flexicon suggestion for blog-avoidance?
Mike, Newcaste upon Tyne

The answer to this question is "Their arrrrrrccountant."
Dan, London

In this article your correspondent says that the channel tunnel looks like "an impossibly long, giant Smarties tube". No it doesn't, because it isn't hexagonal as Smartie-tubes are now (another death-knell to my childhood).
Basil Long, Nottingham

Ohhh... If we're voting to bring back obsolete words (letters passim) for periods of time, can I please nominate "overmorrow" (which means the day after tomorrow). Fellow Monitorites, drop it into conversation: maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but overmorrow, and for the rest of your lives.
Nicky Stu, Highbury, London

Wish us luck - we have just made the momentous decision to no longer have terrestrial or cable TV (and no, no satellite either). Anticipating a bit of a ruckus from my five-year old, I was quite impressed that, on being told, she just nodded and said "Can we have a game of hide-and-seek, then?". So we did. PS I also like the word sennight - but here in the US they do not even use the word fortnight. When I said I'd been away for a "fortnight's holiday", I was asked "Where's that, then?".
Rachel, Minnetonka

Re Council to build houses of straw. Have these people learnt nothing from the three little pigs!? Wolf-related vandalism will skyrocket!
Mike Harper, Devon, UK

Re the numberplate in this story: Am I missing some association between Everton FC and the monarchy? It's true I have been out of the country for a while. Is the Queen their manager now?
Ozzie Becca, Queensland, Australia.

Could someone please explain why a drama based in the 1960s still is based in the 1960s after 17 years of being screened? They must had more than 10 Christmas specials for one!
Helen, UK

Next time Paper Monitor is looking for some stock illustrations, take a glance at the favicon at Getty Images.
Andrew Taylor, Manchester

Re Baroness Murphy admitting she made up the medical condition "cello scrotum". I'm glad the British Medical Journal have agreed that "no-one faced the sack for failing to spot the implausible condition."
Dave S, London

After "Rabbit Run" and Updike's early short stories, I lost interest in his fiction, but continued to enjoy his book reviews. Too many novels about a "famous writer" pursued by women were simply shallow and annoying, despite fine writing. One excellent story about a man's jealousy for a lover's dedication to religion does stick in the mind years later.
Waimea Williams, Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA
Monitor: Er, thanks Waimea, though wrong thread

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