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14:17 UK time, Friday, 2 January 2009

Tut, Tut, Monitor. How often have we read your supercilious references to the Telegraph or tabloids using pictures of pretty ladies ("eye candy"?) with very tenuous links to the stories? And today's quiz about dirty cars has... a bikini-clad windscreen cleaner lady.
Keith, Lismore, Ireland

I suppose we should be grateful that the train operating companies are doing their bit to fight deflation.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

Perhaps the Monitor could take a leaf out of Tom Algie's book, take a well-earned day off and leave the letters page open and unmoderated? A polite note would ensure that people only submitted pertinent and succinct letters, witty and impeccably spelt with just a soupcon of ambiguity or inaccuracy to generate a handful of clever-clever replies for the week ahead.
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne
Monitor note: Go to it, using the comments form below

Yet more nominative determinism - who would have thought that Dr Carr would be hiding a rare Bugatti in his lock-up?
Tink, Reading



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