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14:07 UK time, Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy Monitor New Year to one and all!! Obviously last year was the Monitor Year of the Cabbage (or was it the Year of the Coat?) Anyway...I can't seem to remember what 2009 is the Monitor Year of. Can anyone help?
Rachel, Nottingham

Am I the only one who is relieved to read (100 things) that men eat more Brussels sprouts and broccoli than women...?
Maggie, south London

Easter Watch 2009! I saw Easter eggs in Waitrose and hot cross buns in Sainbury's - yesterday. Ridiculously early, before the New Year had begun. Shame on the supermarkets. Happy New Year to everyone and may your lives be so full you don't think of Easter until Easter.
Sarah, Woking

Thanks, Adam, for your good wishes (Weds letters). Just hope no one has a hangover the size of Wales.
Helene Parry, S Wales expat to Brentford Lock

Happy New Year to you, Adam, and to all other contributors to Magazine Monitor. It's wonderful to be in touch.
Rosy in Oz, Kempsey Australia

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