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15:43 UK time, Tuesday, 27 January 2009

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Ok, first off - pipe down with those jibes that are undoubtedly waiting in the "Your Letters" inbox about tardiness. Paper Monitor is wrestling with a spot of multitasking (and no, don't take that as an indication of gender). And besides, it was rather banking on the fact that by the stroke of midday the Independent would have been sold off to some Russian oligarch for the price of a Chomp bar - such are the fluid rumours of the paper's future.

Besides, this is the very first instance of a Paper Monitor-Your Letters publishing deadline double hander.

Down to business. It's the morning afternoon after the night before for Sun editor Rebekah Wade, who had the honour of presenting last night's Hugh Cudlipp lecture (Full text here). Paper Monitor was cheered by the thrust of La Wade's talk - a gung-ho, cheerleading affair championing the importance of journalism.

Wade also offered a stout defence of the Sun's way of doing things and put a boot into the "knee-jerk tabloid kicking reaction" seen in the "serious" press. Paper Monitor's buttons are truly pressed.

It is in this partially inverted state that we turn to today's Sun and Mirror, which are busy keeping Leeds University's most glamorous serving undergrad, Chelsy Davy, on a steady simmer.

In one of those remarkable instances of simultaneous editorial decision making, both seize on the deep skin tones of Prince Harry's ex, each running with the headline "The future's bright..."

It has to be said, the Mirror rendering of Miss Davy is significantly more orange than that of the Sun (a little less image/adjust/saturation perhaps guys). Both offer witty colour swatches, inviting the reader to match Davy's hue to the nearest colour. Since you're asking, in the Sun Davy is closest to "Sad Sunset" while in the Mirror she's "Ginger Nuts".

There's further synchronisation in the captioning of pictures of Mickey Rourke clutching various ladyfolk. Rourke's new film is called The Wrestler - thus our Mickey is seen to be "grappling" with his female friends.

Finally, a stunt that only the Sun could pull off. "Mow's a Sun reader" runs the headline over a story about the literary likes of West Bromwich Albion boss Tony Mowbray.

Football manager reading red top is hardly a shocker... except that's not the story. The Sun in question is Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Just goes to prove: Tzu can never doubt the Sun.

(Anyone bought the Indy yet?)

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