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11:24 UK time, Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Internet news is all very well and good, but what good is it when it comes to "souvenir editions"? How can we get our fill of "pull-out and keeps"? By printing out pdfs?

So let us look first at the Sun. Their pull-out is a fold-out poster, featuring photos of all 44 presidents, old Obama photos, the speech in full and the now obligatory opinion piece from Bono. Is the Magazine the only news entity which the Irish yodeller has not done a stint for?

"Every room I have ever been in with you was a much easier room for your presence," intones Bono, implying that he is on more than just nodding terms with the man of the moment.

Now over to the Guardian for more pull-out fun. First the sport section plops out, then Society Guardian, a normal-looking G2 and finally a thousand novels you must read. Has the newsagent stolen our Obama pull-out? We wants the precious. Oh hold on, the Guardian hasn't got a non-pull out souvenir issue, has it?

It's the same in the Indy. No pull-out but you do get 18 whole pages of Obamamania, and part five of its Lives of the Presidents booklet series. Both papers carry photos of radicals in Iran burning images of Obama. The first 100 minutes of his presidency have not pleased them.

The Daily Telegraph offers an eight-page supplement but as in so many things, the Times is the daddy these days. Its 20-page supplement would get the Telegraph's pull-out in a headlock and then give it a Chinese burn.

And we'll leave you with these words of wisdom. "It's the biggest job in the world and Barack is the best man for that job." Bono? Simon Schama? Denzel Washington?

No, it's Page Three Keeley. But will she be proved right?

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