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13:05 UK time, Thursday, 8 January 2009

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Does anyone talk about KP Nuts anymore? Paper Monitor asks because it's how the Daily Mirror has decided to bill the Kevin Pietersen bust-up on its front page. A quick check of the inter-connective webular computer system reveals that the KP brand of bar snacks hasn't joined the likes of Woolworths in the "where are they now?" category, but somehow it feels like a very dated reference.

Pietersen's shoot-from-the-hip style of captaincy comes in for a lot of discussion in the pages of today's press, perhaps not as measured as it should be. What are the ethics, for example, of referring to a headstrong maverick as being "near-autistic"? Paper Monitor asks because that's how the Times' Simon Barnes - someone who has written movingly about his son who has Down's syndrome - chooses to classify the now ex-England cricket captain.

Meanwhile, the war against the eco-light bulb has stepped up a gear in the Daily Mail, which has secured a "brand new stock of 100W incandescent bulbs" and is offering five free to every reader. But doesn't this rather confuse the Mail's much touted "save the planet from eco disaster strategy"... after all this was the paper which fired the opening salvos in what came to be the war on plastic bags.

Now, who remembers the $100 Laptop - the notebook computer designed for the developing world that went on the shelves for substantially more than its moniker might have suggested?

The Daily Telegraph seems to have taken similar inspiration in this headline: "The £99 laptop is heading for the high street".

M&S and Next, it says, are considering stocking them. But before all you recessionistas get too exited, be advised to read the "small print", aka the story itself. "It's understood Next and M&S will probably take a more expensive model, closer to £200."

So much for deflation.

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