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17:15 UK time, Friday, 12 December 2008

Re the mini quiz. Is it me or are we not actually presented with a conundrum to solve? So far 3950 people (including me) have attempted to answer a non-existent puzzle.
Richard, Aberdeen, UK
Monitor note: Forgive us. All fixed now.

So Eoghan Quigg "is worth 26 points in Scrabble, and uses up all three 'g' tiles". This must be some strange variation of the game where names are allowed, as well as playing two words as one?
Ed, Clacton, UK

Yikes! A painful addition to the list of stories with all noun headlines - Toddlers' toilet seat crush peril.
Luke Worthington, Edinburgh

Re Can kissing make you go deaf? She could have conditioned her ear drum as we do in diving, with the valsalva manoeuvre to equalise pressure. Now all he needs to do in future is hold her nose and have her exhale gently as they are snogging. Right, that's sorted.
Candace, New Jersey, US

A reminder from those of us who have birthdays at this time of year. We STILL appreciate a card, maybe even a small gift, and a nice "Happy Birthday darling" in the morning. (Yes, he DID forget and yes, his dinner IS in the dog.)
Andi, Rutland, England

Congratulations please! After taking the 7 days quiz for more years that I care to remember, I got all 7 right today. Christmas has come early.
Ali, Ipswich, UK
Monitor note: Well done. And watch out for 52 weeks 52 questions starting soon...

I completely disagree with the blessed Magazine's conclusions on houses numbered 13. I don't believe the unwashed masses are particularly superstitious, but I think a lot of people believe they are... so they avoid buying the house fearing that they might have trouble selling it (i.e. they might not make enough cash from it). Which is precisely the way superstitions start in the first place. What wonderfully idiotic logic.
Kevin, Derby

Paper Monitor, I love you. Wonderful and very funny review of the papers this morning; made me smile. To quote a line from the popular sitcom Birds of a Feather "I could drink your bathwater!"
Abby, London

What, no Sympathy For The Devil Close?
Geoff Harrison, Alsager

Excuse me, but has no-one noticed that Auntie Vera has not been writing in recently? Is she OK? Best check - or your festive flapjacks could go to ruin.
Mel, Godalming

Thank you for restoring my faith in your postal operation. By publishing my letter I will indeed send you a hand-crafted Christmas card via the Send Us Your Pictures page on the news website. I'll clearly mark it as for Magazine Monitor's attention. Hope you get it...
Martin, High Wycombe, UK

Well? Any news from Carol in Portugal (Wednesday's letters)?
Jay, Belfast

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