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16:18 UK time, Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Re Paper Monitor: In the interests of openness the 10 most offensive words are:
1 ****
2 ****
3 ******
4 ****
5 Banker
6 ******
7 ****
8 ********
9 *****
10 ***********
Hope this gets past the censor!
Andrew, Malvern, UK

To my ears, number four is a lot less offensive than five or 10.
Neil Golightly, Manchester

What a sad day for the underdogs (Sergeant quits Strictly contest). Well the judges have finally managed to bully poor John out of competition. I for one will be very sorry to see John go, as too doubtlessly will be those that have paid to vote in order to keep to him in.
AS, Salford, England

Re the daily mini-question. Surely there is something wrong with you if you are on the toilet long enough to do a crossword puzzle.
Chris Clarke, Oxford

That's rather a below the belt comment from Nadja about British sports (Tuesday letters).
Martin Hollywood, Luxembourg

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