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12:25 UK time, Wednesday, 19 November 2008

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How rude is too rude? It's a question that has long exercised press barons and broadcasters alike, and is being addressed anew by the Daily Mirror's Stop the Swearing on Telly campaign.

On Monday the Mirror gave Jamie Oliver a carpeting for using a very rude word indeed; today it's those equally cheeky chappies, Ant and Dec.

As a model was forced to eat testicle in the Australian jungle - an animal's, Paper Monitor hastens to add - the pair made repeated gags about a dog's, a kangaroo's and a crocodile's private parts. With liberal use of a word starting with b, eight letters, ends with s. At 9.28 in the evening!

"The TV favourites laughed as they shocked viewers with their language," sniffs the paper, so offended that it reprints the word eight times - albeit starred out - in speech bubbles and the accompanying article.

As Paper Monitor ponders its ranking on the rude-o-meter, the Mirror and the Daily Telegraph provide an answer: "the eighth most offensive word in a study commissioned by the BBC and ITV".

Which does rather beg the question, what is at number seven in the rankings?

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