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12:12 UK time, Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

The newspapers' poppy wars reach a climax on Tuesday, the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I, with all the papers except the Financial Times sporting one on their mastheads.

The Daily Telegraph makes up for Monday's inexplicable omission by parading what is by far the largest poppy of all.

Talking of omissions, it sounds like Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is less acquainted with Paper Monitor than is advisable for a man of his stature.

In his speech to newspaper editors, he said: "Why does not half an hour go by that the high priests of the subsidariat, the BBC, can't resist a snide reference to the popular press, again blissfully oblivious that all too often they are following agendas set by those very popular newspapers whose readers pay their salaries?"

If only Mr Dacre was familiar with this esteemed column, he would know there are parts of the BBC that celebrate the best of tabloid journalism.

Whether the Daily Mirror's campaign to "Stop Swearing on Telly" would come into that category is debatable.

Protecting its readership from the polluting effects of bad language is a laudable aim, but there are times when the asterisks render some sentences rather absurd.

Such as: "Badly Bleeped TV edited inoffensive words beginning with F in a way that suggested they were actually 'f***'."

And the Mirror's off-day continues when it comes off worse against arch enemy, the Sun, in a battle of puns. The story is Obama meeting Bush at the White House.

The Mirror's effort is "OBAMA IN THE HOUSE", which is no match for "SWEET HOME FOR OBAMA"

Now that's worth celebrating, Mr Dacre.

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