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11:53 UK time, Monday, 10 November 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Sometimes a story just provides too good a match for a paper's target demographic.

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express make hay out of a story that identifies the nation's main traits. Number one is "talking about the weather".

It's strange because Paper Monitor thinks it can remember two papers with a great tendency to lead on the slightest fluctuation in precipitation or a gentle breeze knocking a couple of tiles off the roof. Particularly when there's nothing going on in the world of uncontrolled immigration/new medicine.

Today also seems to have seen the papers break ranks over the poppy masthead issue. Paper Monitor noticed last week that only the Guardian, Independent and Financial Times didn't have a poppy designed into their masthead.

Now the Guardian has joined up for its coverage of Remembrance Sunday, but the red flower is strangely absent from the Daily Telegraph's masthead.

In other news, there are some energetic probes into the "lavish parties" being thrown by bailed-out banks. The Daily Telegraph chooses to apply the hatchet to the bash laid on by HBOS (cost £300,000) across all of page five of the paper.

The Daily Mail prefers the Royal Bank of Scotland bash (cost also £300,000, venue also Edinburgh) as its primary target, possibly because it has got the killer picture. A partygoer of middle years throws an extravagant pose for the camera as she prepares to get stuck into the "flutes of champagne on offer".

It could all perhaps be related to newspaper Christmas parties which have atrophied over recent years and left all the hacks feeling a tad resentful that anyone else is still getting free booze.

Or perhaps it really is genuine concern.

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