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Your Thursday letters on Friday

09:33 UK time, Friday, 24 October 2008

I find it quite incredible that a day after India launches a spacecraft to the Moon we have a minister, Lord Drayson, believing that building a 1000mph car in a race to nowhere is really going to inspire future generations in this country. We are in the Space Age where the sky is now not a limiting factor, only gravity is. We need to inspire our children not just to become engineers but biologists, geologists, physicists, mathematicians and chemists. This car has a very limited potential in both time and space.
Matthew Lees, Milton Keynes

The story "Broadband users reach their limit" repeatedly refers to "So-called usage caps, where internet service providers limit the amount of bandwidth users can have in any given month." The term "bandwidth" should only be used as a measure of "width" of a pipe. The story is complicating an already confusing issue. If you exceed your USAGE LIMIT an ISP may cap your BANDWIDTH, for example limiting the speed of your connection at peak hours. The term bandwidth should never be confused with a usage cap. If an ISP banned you for "exceeding your bandwidth" then a water company may well cut off your supply for having your pipes too large!

With the suggestion of 13 28-day months (Your Letters, Wednesday) what do we call the new month? As a big Simpsons fan, I'd like to propose Smarch.
Mike, Edinburgh, UK

Dear Monitor, I know you'll think I'm out of touch with the vibrant, groovy happening Britain we all live in, but can I ask a question? What is this Kerry Katona famous for exactly? I ask because, other than hearing the name, I have no idea who she is. (Put it down to age).
Mark, Reading, UK

Re Depressed about political scandal stories (Paper Monitor, Thursday). This side of the pond the fashion police have finally caught up with Palin for spending $150K on designer clothes and makeup since being picked for McCain's running mate. Another case of have and have yachts with a political twist (or updo)?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Re Your Letters, Wednesday, Heaven and Paradise may be here in the UK, but Hell must have frozen over as it's in Stjordal, Norway
Adrian Salamon, Whitehaven

Obviously the atheist bus will be going to Hell (Stjordal, Norway according to Google Maps). Hope it wraps up warm.
Steve, Catford

Another suggestion for the atheist bus (Your Letters, Wednesday) singalong could be Rational Express, as made famous by the Divine Comedy.

Samuel, Leeds

There seems to be some confusion with the order of events in: "White stallion presented to Queen". The first account is that the Queen watched the performance and then was presented with her gift. The second account describes that the Queen was given a Stallion, and then watched the display. I hope the Queen will write in tomorrow and inform us which order of events is correct.
Andy , Bradford

"New feathered dinosaur discovered" I don't think so. "Newly-discovered feathered dinosaur," please!
Clive DuPort, Vale, Guernsey

Lucy (Your Letters, Wednesday), I think the Fire Brigade get paid the same whether they are waiting at the fire station for an emergency call, or round someone's house fishing for hamsters. If there was an emergency call I think they'd probably go respond to it rather than staying to play with the hamster.
Thomas Cogley, Maidstone, UK

Where are the goddamn letters today, hmmm?
Mr Impatient

Monitor: hmmm indeed

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