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16:04 UK time, Friday, 31 October 2008

Not being sarky, honest, but "whiskery" dinosaurs? Surely the whisker is a mammalian characteristic rather than saurian?
Vicky, East London

Allow me to note, if not a typo, then at least a minor inconsistency in today's Paper Monitor. It's not quite right to say "a class of person called a sub". The person may be called a sub, but what's described here is the class, which presumably would be better described as "subs" (at least in days gone by, if not today). I realise I was supposed to note this sarcastically, but I'm afraid I don't think I know how to be sarcastic.
Adam, London, UK

Re: Polly Toynbee in the Guardian. Did you notice that she wrote "Imagined in a bygone era of bubble and boom, the gigantic Westfield shopping centre... yesterday launched itself defiantly into a gigantic bust"? That would have been worth watching, I think - but whose bust?
Chris, Enfield

After seeing the story of the washed-up Lego giant, I did a quick Google of the phrase written on it, "No Real Than You Are". Sure enough, I found the page of a Dutch performance artist known as Du Fois. Is the BBC so underfunded that the journalist who wrote the article didn't have the time for a quick and rather obvious Googling?
Barny, London

Re the giant lego man washing up on a beach in Brighton - is it really any coincidence that he was mysteriously found by an employee of a "digital marketing company"? I smell a red herring. Made of lego, of course.
Aimee, St. Andrews, Scotland

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